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People have lived in Rothiemurchus for over 5,000 years and have had quite dramatic effects on the flora and fauna, however, people and nature have long co-existed here and the indigenous people still feel very close to the land.

The ancient Caledonian forest of Rothiemurchus is at the Western extremity of the ancient boreal forest of Northern Europe which was far greater in the past, and it is one of the best remaining parts of the ancient forest of Northern Scotland. The area of the present day forest of Rothiemurchus, when added to the other remnant pinewoods of the Highlands is actually less than 1% of the original ancient wood of Caledon. Placenames and physical survivals clearly demonstrate that coniferous trees especially the Scots Fir ‘Pinus Silvestris’ grew at an appreciably greater height above sea level in medieval times.

Rothiemurchus is very important for natural history and always has been. It is made even more special because of lochs and rivers, moorland and mountain which create great diversity within the estate. It is no wonder that in 1954 part of it was chosen as one of Scotland’s first National Nature Reserves.

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